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Kareem David Piper

Kareem David Piper (a.k.a. KDP) is a Trinidad born, Miami based artist. Coming from a culture that is full of vibrant colours and ...

Kareem David Piper

How do you connect emotionally to your art?

For me, the connection is mostly the process of creating. When a piece is ‘finished’, it no longer belongs to me. It is now for the world to do as they wish with it.

How has your art evolved?

Though I believe that my art is still evolving, I think it has reached a point where people can look at a piece and say, “That is a Kareem David Piper”. There is a consistent running theme that is very important for any artist to have …an ‘identity’. This does not mean that you must create the same thing over and over, but rather it must ‘feel’ the same way.

To what would you like your art to aspire?

I would like my art to break any and all boundaries. For it to be seen and enjoyed by people around the world. I would like, more than anything, for it to help those in need, and to remind them that in the midst of a chaotic life there is always beauty, and that this existence is temporary, as we are all part of a greater design.

How do you market yourself as an artist?

I market myself as an artist mostly through the internet and various art events.

Are you involved in any charitable work?

I am actively involved with several charities here in Miami Fl. Most recently, my work was used to benefit Camillus House, and the Diabetic Foundation.

What sets you apart from other artists?

I am not about what sets me apart. I try to not focus on the ‘who’s who’ of the Art world too much and more on the ART, which I see as being on a mission, bigger than I could ever be as a man.

From an artistic perspective, what is you outlook on life?

My outlook on life is simple, to live and to love.



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