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Kareem David Piper

Kareem David Piper (a.k.a. KDP) is a Trinidad born, Miami based artist. Coming from a culture that is full of vibrant colours and ...

Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Sector

The Trinidad and Tobago economy has benefited from the growth of its entertainment sector through its contribution to GDP, exports and employment, as well as its impact on destination and intellectual property branding. For decades, many recognisable artists and events have generated global reach for this sector.

The entertainment sector represents the economic activities of artists, arts enterprises and cultural entrepreneurs, for-profit as well as not-for-profit, in the production, distribution and consumption of film, television, literature, music, theatre, dance, visual arts, masquerade, broadcasting, multimedia, animation and fashion, to name a few. The sector generates income from the sale of goods – merchandise sales; the provision of services – professional fees; and the licensing of intellectual property – royalties.

Trinidad and Tobago’s entertainment sector has a long-standing history, with viable revenue generating activities in the pre-war era, and surging forward from post-World War II, mainly due to the presence of the United States military base, a growing upper middle-class that demanded quality entertainment, and the rising tide of pro-independence sentiment that swept across the country. As the years passed, music industry operators interacted more and more with their North American counterparts. Soca music evolved out of calypso; there was increased cross-fertilisation with regional artistes; new, powerful performers with an international appeal emerged from the ranks; and consequently, the local music and entertainment sectors were forced to develop more sophisticated operations to meet the demands of their wide and varied audiences.

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