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Wines Up or Not

Wine has been around for thousands of years; from the ancient Romans to modern Americans, this lavish drink is enjoyed worldwide. Wi...

The Vinaigrette

Vinaigrette, pronounced vin-uh-gret, is a basic oil and vinegar-based salad dressing. Good vinaigrette can also be used to baste meat, p...

Wines Up or Not

All wines should be stored away from light, especially direct sunlight and fluorescent fixtures. UV rays can cause wine to be ‘light struck’, picking an unpleasant smell. Darker bottles are better protected and some bottles have UV filters built into the glass, but enough UV rays can still penetrate to ruin the wine. If you can’t keep a bottle entirely out of the light, keep it lightly wrapped up in a cloth, or simply put the bottle inside a box out of the way. If it does get exposed to light occasionally, try to make sure it is light from incandescent or sodium vapour lamps.

Corked wine bottles must be stored on their sides. If they are stored upright for a long period, the corks will dry out. Wine storage temperature should never go over 24°C, except for brief spans of time. At 24°C, wine begins to oxidise. An ideal temperature for storing a varied wine collection is 12.2°C. Letting the temperature drop below 12.2°C will slow down the aging process, as long as the temperature does not fluctuate dramatically.

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